Photographers Workshop | Central & Coastal Maine Portraiture

Be Uncommon. 

A twelve hour, all-inclusive, full spectrum workshop in the heart of breathtaking Maine, hosted by Rebecca Elaine & Emily Rendall of Maine's Beaux & Arrows Collective, with featured wardrobe stylist, Maggie Oliver! This fall workshop is all about finding your own artistry while creating your own style, vision and succeeding in the passions you've cultivated upon. This is designed for every level of photographer, do not feel intimidated if you are just beginning - what a way to kick off your career! Please message with ANY questions you may have! 

Note from Rebecca:

I want you to purge the idea that limits exist.  I want you to be totally overwhelmed with passion and creativity and motivation that you're itching to return to your craft and make paramount decisions moving forward to accommodate a beautiful balance between creative outlets & the needs of a family.  I want you to continue to have visions and photograph them with the thought sometimes, “I don’t know what I am doing, but I’m going for it, " because this means you are making a decision to have that “crazy” dream you had, become reality. 

With this Workshop I want you to think of what inspired you to be the artist you are? Were you  inspired by paintings, books, the ocean, outdoors, music, spoken word, God, your children, other photographers?

Being a professional photographer, being able to photograph my own children is everything. I have captured some gems for sure- some I feel honored to hand down to them, and their children- and their children’s children. You do NOT need to be a professional photographer to take advantage of this.

I am an open book. You can ask questions. We can chat it up while you learn just how I work, how I think. We will discuss how I approach a session, my thought process and how I prepare for my time together with my clients. How I make it a special experience and get them open up to capture the most intimate of moments. This experience is however about YOU so I want you to prepare questions and ask anything and all things you can dream up. We can discuss some of your current photography or business practices, look at images in your portfolio or go over anything you need to work on and are hoping to achieve the most growth in. These are tailor suited to you.

We then will have a LIVE shoot with models prearranged and we will shoot together. Yes! This is hands on. I want you to shoot. I want to help you with everything from composition, light, camera settings, client interaction and more. The sky is the limit. You can ask me anything!

A few things that are covered:

Anything you want to know about Photography, my personal photography business or anything in between.

Preparing your families for their sessions and helping them to learn to trust and relax with you.

Capturing connection and moments with your families on your shoot.

How I utilize my gear and camera settings to get great shots out of camera.

Just about anything else you’d like to know!!

Access to our Moments Matter Workshop Group.

How do I sign up?