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— B O U D O I R —

“How much? What’s the price? What do you charge? What are your fees?”
That depends on what you want!

Let’s talk about some of my biggest bullets of information on my boudoir sessions, first!

A B O V E A L L E L S E I need to you know, that I’m dedicated to photographing the AUTHENTIC, raw, cunning, powerful, and seductive being that you are, in a way that makes you feel PROUD, confident, and empowered. I would never ever deliver an image to you that I would not be proud of as if it were myself.

Y O U A R E W O R T H T H I S You, as you are, right now, in the very moment is perfect. You absolutely do not need to lose 10# or change your hair, or wait until maybe there’s a little more free time in your schedule. What you need to do is honor the woman you know you are, and the woman you want to be able to see exists. Right now.

S T O P H I D I N G behind the idea that you’re not good enough in some way right now. Seriously. Why are you doing that to yourself?

M Y M I S S I O N is for you to see the first frame I capture, and with utter shock and pride, speak: Whoa. I want this to be life-changing for not only you, but the people who have the pleasure of knowing you. I want you to see a new value in yourself. I want you to know that while boudoir and intimate photography is extremely sexual and seductive, it's the seeing yourself in such a powerful and unabashed perspective that you can't help but look for and create more of it for yourself and those close to you!

M Y E X P E R T I S E in boudoir has been built from over a decade in the boudoir & modeling world. From being obsessed with fashion and gowns and models and how BEAUTIFUL people like Kate Moss and Giselle are. To wanting desperately to look like these beautiful women so I’d practice posing in the mirror and I learned about lighting and how to make me look bigger here, but smaller here. I learned about clothing and shapes and flow and what flatters specific body shapes and what doesn’t flatter others. I wanted to feel like I could one day participate in beautiful things like fashion shows because I was familiar and knowledgeable. I spent a few years modeling for local photographers in lingerie or implied nudes, and I have them taken often now as well.

S U R P R I S E D ? That’s right, Babe, I know what it’s like to stand naked in front of a stranger and pretend to be super sexually comfortable and uninhibited. I know what it’s like to not get direction and feel lost about what looks good and what doesn’t. I know what it’s like to feel SUPER uncomfortable in specific poses but then see an UNNNNREAAALLLLL amazing outcome. I also know what action is going to create what specific outcome. I know posing. I know light. I know colors. I know body shapes. I know sex. I know vulnerability. And I’ll be damned if I don’t know power.

I C H E R I S H B O U D O I R because it’s a reminder that I’m everything I’ve made myself to be, and I cannot be defined. I cannot be contained, or controlled, or categorized. I am an ever-changing, ever-growing, metamorphosis from seed to forest, made up of all of the incredible and profound influences of the people I’ve met, loved, and lost. This is why everything about boudoir is so utterly WOWING!

O N C E - J U S T O N C E think about yourself. Seriously. Put yourself first! Stop sitting in this place where you don’t feel sexy, or bold, or “good enough”. You owe it to yourself, to your lover, to your friends, and to your maybe kiddos who are looking at you thinking you’re the most beautiful/wonderful/flawless/perfect person this world has ever been gifted to Get.Out.Of.That.Place.

T O G E T H E R, W E C A N highlight everything that makes you YOU; everything you love about yourself, everything you’re most proud of, the parts of your skin your lover can’t keep their hands off of, your grandmother’s pearl earrings, that gorgeous rock you were promised forever with, the necklace from your first anniversary, your fav pair of Jimmy Choo’s, their favorite pair of handcuffs… Everything that tells YOUR story!

W E ‘ L L S T A R T your session just chatting and going through the bags of things you’ve brought and make a plan! Whether at my studio/home, your home, or a planned location, whatever place you want to be photographed, I’ll make it work! I don’t have any outfit limitations. We typically photograph for about an hour to an hour and a half. Sometimes we’ll take one frame in one outfit, and then 30 in another. It just depends on the moment!

Y O U N E E D T O K N O W I’m very controlling about my creative direction. I LOVE when you bring a friend to support you, and I love when you flood me with inspiration pictures you’ve seen. Your best friend will often share with me insecurities you are either too shy to speak to, or may be too excited about and have forgotten. They also usually have heard many of your most exciting moments, so the comfort and laughs are always abundant! What I am not okay with is offering a posing change in the middle of my direction. As a reminder, I do this for a living. I love input and suggestions and ideas, but not that. This also means that I’m EXTREMELY deliberate. I will spend 10 minutes setting a frame, posing, adding florals, fixing hair, makeup-changes, etc, all to get ONE super wow crazy amazing photograph. I’m hands-on in the sense that I’ll cut your tags, fluff your hair, fix your straps, grab your head and pivot it in the perfect direction for light, etc etc.

Y O U ‘ L L N E V E R B E I N T H E D A R K about what we’re capturing. I show you the back of the camera as we’re taking the portraits. We’ll go over them together. We’ll talk about things you like and don’t like. If it comes to a commentary about blemishes or stretch marks… Don’t worry.

I ‘ M A S K I L L E D R E T O U C H E R and again, wouldn’t want a picture of me with my stretch marks, so I will not be delivering that to you. I prioritize editing a photograph for you within the first few frames for you to have something to hold and share afterwards, but also so that you see my vision full-circle, and allow it to excite and encourage you to be more relaxed and comfortable! Quick tips: Don’t try to over-cover pimples, or worry about if your skin is a little less tan than you’d like it to be. All of those things I address, and you will be delivered a prep guide upon booking that will give you LOTS of great direction and timelines for how to best prepare for your boudoir session. Including topics on teeth-whitening, avoiding feeling bloated, and body hair.

Y O U C A N E X P E C T your photographs delivered usually in 6 weeks. It is my goal, of course, for them to be delivered much sooner, but timelines will depend on work load and time of year. A gallery filled with all of your finalized images will be proudly displayed for you to download and enjoy as soon as you receive it! You’ll have two folders; one with the massive billboard-sized images, and another with compressed images which are perfectly resized for social media sharing.

— T H E N I T T Y G R I T T Y —

I prefer to photograph Boudoir Sessions in their full capacity, but I do have a day of Boudoir Mini Sessions on January 11, 2020. Mini’s are a fantastic option if you’re wanting to test the waters, or gain some new content material for a personal brand. You can find information about them HERE.

I have multiple convenient options for payment, it’s totally and entirely your call on what fits best for you! My favorite options to offer are the payment plans, because it’s super easy to budget last-minute, makes it convenient financially, and you’ll receive your Images even if you haven’t made your 1st payment yet. Super easy!

Payment options are:
$158 down and your choice between 12 payments of $66 -or- 24 payments of $48
$158 down and balance of $632 due 14 days before your session date
$740 in full for a 20% discount.

— B O O K I N G —

I book boudoir sessions in two blocks on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, at either a 9-10a or 12-1p start time, depending on the time of year. I am currently booking throughout 2020. If you have an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or any special event, NOW is the time to book it.

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