I hope you get addicted. Hard.


It's absolutely insane the rush you feel when you see yourself unlike any way you've ever seen yourself before.  All of the experiences in your life, all of the good and the bad and the ugly and the profound come clashing together and you're just like... Fuck.  That's me?

And I think a lot of it stems from this foreign idea that you're so utterly powerful that you cannot even begin to comprehend it yourself.  So when you see yourself holding your chin up with a calmness that just begs for attention it's the abrasive realization that you are everything you never knew you could be, and you are magnificent.  

I love how women walk away carrying their collar bones held just a little bit higher.  There's an immediate and expansive ripple effect that hits everyone in your life.  

For me, I hope you see a new value in yourself. That you know that while boudoir and intimate photography is extremely sexual and seductive, it's the seeing yourself in such a powerful and unabashed perspective that you can't help but look for and create more of it for yourself and those close to you.  

You'll come in, I'll have some drinks and snacks and spirits draped over my kitchen -- cookies, too, obviously, and we'll just have fun.  My commitment: Its positive or its nothing.  You'll learn a lot about me sexually because I want you to feel comfortable with EVERYTHING and there's very little more vulnerable than sex... And I've had a kid. So, I want everything to be totally unfiltered, safe, and trusting of and in me. 

I'll pose with you, talk to you about the frames we're taking, primp your hair and fix your jewelry and tell you to point your toes a million times over to get the perfect frame.  I show you images as we take them, you will NOT feel in the dark about anything. 

I highly recommend bringing sentimental items, anything to further personalize things important to you is a huge win.  I'm emotional - all the time; my best work comes from learning you and who you are and what your goals are.  I don't know if you're familiar with the personality types, but I'm an INFJ which essentially means that I thrive when you thrive. If you want to keep things more reserved, we can absolutely do that.  If you'd like to get your freak on and work those kinks, get it, Girl. 

Again, no judgement on anything.  EVER.

Essentially, I am excited you're doing this for yourself.

And I'm absolutely thrilled that I get to be the one to help you see what the rest of us see, but that you'll finally get to see for yourself. 

Super excited.


Rebecca Pinkham