S&J | Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Seth & Jennifer | ANNIVERSARY  LOVE


The Talented Teal Garcia is my very best friend; not a day goes by that we don’t talk – about everything.  She and I share a mutual passion for Photography, so when we’re able to spend time together, the magic and the vibes pour out of every ounce of our soul.  It’s incredible. We knew that we wanted to rejuvenate our love for details in moments, and love shared, so we put out a model call for Engagement Portraits in her home town of Elgin, Oklahoma.

Mr. & Mrs. John were among the first to respond to the model call, and told us that they didn’t have any formal portraits of just the two of them, to include a lack of engagement, wedding, and anniversary portraits.  When we met them in person, they expressed their excitement for not only utilizing these portraits as an anniversary gift to one another, but as a means of also celebrating their engagement six years ago that they weren’t able to. Teal and I were thrilled – obviously the love they share pours out of them, and we couldn’t be more honored to capture it for them to display in their homes forever!

The best part of their experience for me, was when Mr. J identified that this was the best “date night” they had shared in years.  He spoke to having stated that money spent on something they had forever – that they could look back on 50 years from now – was truly unparalleled.