Booking & Pricing

It is my goal to provide you with the most complete, inclusive, and luxurious service that I can possibly provide.

I believe in portraits, not pictures.  I believe in moments becoming treasures and that time is measured in love. I want your great grandchildren to see you as you were; to feel the love between you.  I want your children to grow up seeing portraits of themselves and their family cascaded in waves of frames in the walls of their home.

There's always a moment in the thick of photographing that takes my breath away; I'm humbled, filled with pride, and so honored to not only be capturing a handful of the beautiful moments of your life, but to also be welcomed into them and trusted with such. 

 I pledge to work hard, to exhaust all options, and to find the sun in it's best light to highlight the love you possess. Always.


Weddings & Portraiture

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Wedding & Engagements

A minimum of 5 hours are required to commit to providing the best wedding coverage possible. I arrive with a second photographer and many times an assistant as well, all inclusive in this wedding package you create. 

Engagement portraits are lovely and highly recommended for us to not only get to know one another, but to also celebrate the beginning of your new adventure together.  Let's adventure and showcase your story through the woods, a lake, or in a boat off the shore!


Birth Journey

Birth Journey's are my most favorite.  As a Mother, I can tell you that every single day passes by SO fast; it's so hard to remember all of the little things.  I only photograph birth journeys as a set collective, because I believe in trust, connection, and I want to become an advocate and friend through your journey into motherhood.

Together we will discuss the things that matter most to you, all of the things that make your heart flutter and all of your plans for your new little! We will get together for announcement portraits, then again for maternity portraits around 36 weeks into your pregnancy, I will block off a week around your due date for birth portraits, and then we will get together in your home for lifestyle portraits within a week of your baby's arrival.

I've photographed dozens of births; both natural and cesarean, I've photographed parents welcoming their baby's with deep breaths and screams and have also photographed silent arrivals.

I am so in awe of the miracles of Motherhood through and through.  It is an honor to share in the welcoming of expanded hearts.

FamilY & Children

Family portraiture is the exception to the hourly reference in the credit packaging.  We meet about an hour and a half before sunset and capture you and your family just simply "being". Together you'll dance and twirl and become rockets out of Daddy's arms, you'll snuggle as your littles fade into the sleepy evening, and all together you'll enjoy the freedoms of a pose-less adventure in your favorite place to go.  Whether a field, a beach, a hike, or even your favorite playground... It's my joy to capture your children smiling, with tiny fingers tangled in hair and on the backs of shirts. Stress-free, calm, and joyful.



You contact me. You tell me that you want to feel beautiful.  You tell me what you envision for your boudoir photos. I listen. We brainstorm together. On the day of your shoot, my makeup artist starts on you about an hour before the session.  She already knows the concept of your shoot and the look we are going for.  She enhances your best facial features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are. I check out your wardrobe options and put together looks while you are still getting your makeup done.  I am inspired by your personality, your wardrobe, your shoes.  We talk. We laugh. We create your first look together. I show you exactly what to do. The.Whole.Time.

I direct you every step of the way.  I encourage you to improvise only when you feel comfortable enough to do so. We change looks.  You never want it to stop - seriously.  You feel like a supermodel. A couple of days after your shoot you get a “sneak peak” from me. About 4 weeks later we get together for cupcakes and a cocktail and we dive into your GORGEOUS portraits!!!

You just feel incredible.  And thats why boudoir and intimate portraits are the best.  ESPECIALLY with your lover!


Hair & Makeup by Me | $100

Hair & Makeup by a Pro | $200

Video of your portrait session {excluding weddings} | $350

Custom Styling & $50 Shopping Gift at Eastcraft | $75

Products & Gifts

Fine Art Albums

20-pg 12x12 Album | 2 Credits

20-pg 10x10 or 12x8 Album | 1 Credit

20-pg Matching Parent Album | 1 Credit


Gallery Options

Online Gallery with Digital Files & Print Rights up to 10x8" Prints  | 1 Credit

Online Gallery with Digital Files & Print Rights up to 10x8" Prints, a USB and 4x6" Prints of All Images  | 3 Credits

$500 Print or Gift Voucher | 1 Credit


Wall Prints & Canvases

P     |     C

  $38     11x14      $76

$64     16x20     $144

$72     16x24     $144

$102     20x30     $204

$202     30x40     $404


I host shootouts once every three months.  All are welcome to attend.  There is minimal discussion about capture and post-processing, but the knowledge gained from being around those in the photography community is invaluable. 

One-on-one mentoring is super easy and fun!  I love Skype dates - I LOVE sharing ideas and talking technique and creativity. I also LOOOOVEEEE shooting with those who share the same passions as I do.  So let's get together and make some magic! 

Mentoring is $650 for a year of one-on-one, anytime communication and aide whenever I can.  I will only take on two mentees a year, so get in fast before the new year hits!


I host workshops twice a year, three times if I can swing it.  Everything is mapped and planned out for you from setup to makeup to shooting to post.  We go over EVERYTHING.  It's amazing.  Invigorating.  Inspiring.  AND an excellent opportunity to network with local vendors, models, creatives, and venues.  #community 

Seats begin at $300.  For upcoming workshop information, check out the UPCOMING page

*Deposits for all portrait & wedding services are non-refundable*


Do you travel for weddings?
All the time!

How many photos do we get in the end?
Usually its around eight hundred for weddings, and at least around 75 to choose from with portrait sessions – edited with my coloring and style, done one at a time.

Is there an easy way for family and wedding guests to see all the final photos?
Super easy. You get your own gallery on our print shop that anyone can view, share, or order digitals & prints.

Can I see some full galleries?
Absolutely. Shoot me a note at and I can find you portraits that might be a closer match to yours, or visit my Galleries page to see recent portraits I’ve taken.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with?
I shoot primarily with Nikon DSLR’s. I also hybrid shoot with a Mamiyay 645 Super 120mm gem.  

Check out my gear page for info! I own a plethora of lenses, a horde of batteries, and more memory cards than I can count.

Do you bring backup gear?
Yes, lots of it.

Do we have rights to print our photos?
For sure, if you invest in the digital files. You can use our print shop or should you choose, you can print them on your own at mpix or another reputable source up to an 8×10″ print. I don’t offer print releases to walmart or CVS as the colors become distorted; you didn’t pay to have cruddy images, so I eliminate that potential happening by stating this.

How long does it take to get all our photos?
At most 8 weeks, but usually it’s sooner than that and I try to get you some preview shots right away.

What types of payment do you accept?
Check, credit card, debit card, cash, and paypal.


What is required to officially book you?
A signed contract and a non-refundable deposit, all of which can be done online. {$450 Portraits, & $1200 Weddings}

Do you have names of vendors and other creatives you recommend?
SO many!  Check out my favorite people in the "Stalk Me" tab. If you'd like more options, let me know what you’re seeking and I’ll provide my favorites!