Wedding Agreement by Beaux & Arrows

Wedding Agreement by Beaux & Arrows


Photographer’s Wedding Contract Template

Compiled from over 5 years in the photography industry, I’ve taken personal experiences, experiences from mentors, lawful corrections & amendments, and also a comforting note of personal well-wishes and created this Wedding Agreement.

Seen, delivered, signed, & adhered to by hundreds of brides of my own and of many peers, this document will leave both you & your Client protected and confident.


• A fully-customizable contract, with space for your Company’s logo
• Precise payment schedules and fee information for the bride and groom
• Clear and concise details that identify your Company’s rights and liabilities, including items like copyright, cancellation, and dispersement terms
• Wedding timeline expectations
• Production, obligation, and in-the-moment possibility guidelines & terms and recommendations for a flawless execution of the day.


IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: This contract has been written in accordance with US law; however laws vary from state to state, so it is highly recommended you verify that your customized contract complies with your state laws. Beaux & Arrows cannot guarantee the included contents are compliant each individual legal structure, however, the customization options allow for any minor adjustments needed. While we have taken an extremely detailed approach with the contents of this contract, please be sure to consult a lawyer prior to use to ensure you are covered under your local laws.

Studio Rights and Liabilities
• Legal terms and conditions
• Statement of artistic style
• Defects clause
• Copyright information
• Your studio's right of exclusivity
• Cancellation information
• Studio liability information

Expectations of the Client
• Information for the Bride & Groom
• Guest conduct expectations
• Photographer harassment policy and penalty terms for violations
• Studio archiving policy information (includes verbiage on archived images and purging of unordered files)
• Optional client agreement clause for back-ups. (By agreeing to this, clients acknowledge and accept the responsibility of document back-up and maintaining digital files.)
• Social media sharing clause

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