BuilD | By Beaux & Arrows

There’s a way to do it better - find it
— Thomas Jefferson


Intentional. Grateful. Expansive.


Our Story

First of all... We're best friends.

Second, we love the moment when fashion meets preservation.

We believe in maximizing every opportunity to put your best self in view.  We believe that breaths are gifts and each spent in the company of someone you love is a treasure.  We believe in Family.  We believe in laughing until your stomach hurts and your cheeks are sore.  We want to enrich our lives by first enriching the lives of those around us.  

We're fighters. We're ambitious.  We're ruthlessly determined to achieve our goals.  

Our mission as a collective, is to empower the moments you're sharing with the wearables that fuel the sparks in your romance and the love shared with the people that matter most.  


Nock (v.)

the act of fitting an arrows into the bow to ready it for shooting.


Our Objective

Whether you're shopping for a special occasion, or you're searching to find the perfect staple for your upcoming portraits, it is our objective to carefully curate and style you in meticulous harmony with the aesthetics of your location, wants, and needs.  

As a team, we spare no expense in time and efforts to combine the detailed plans of your portrait goals with Rebecca, the talents of our hair & makeup artist, Britt, and the expertise of Maggie's ability to highlight your personal style and perfect fitting of each piece.

Whether you've invested in reserving your portrait session, or are simply looking for a piece to add to your wardrobe, East & Arrows' Collection at Eastcraeft is Maine's rich source of timeless & extraordinary luxuries.