Intern with Rebecca of Beaux & Arrows, and Pinkham Enterprises, Inc. 

Feeling ready to take the next step towards your photography goals? It is with great pride that I announce internship programs are now open for the 2019-2020 Season.

This is a three-month commitment. You’ll have 90 days to work hard, learn the business, and participate in sessions with the intent to become part of the Beaux & Arrows team. This is not a paid internship. However, at the end of the 90 day internship, you’ll either be asked to complete another internship round, be thanked for your time, or you’ll be invited on as an Associate Photographer for the Beaux & Arrows Team!

Pre-Qualifications & Expectations:
-Working knowledge of Manual Mode
-Must own your own digital camera - NO KIT LENSES
-Preliminary knowledge of Lightroom & Photoshop
-Excellent Communication Skills as you’ll be speaking to Clients
-Drive, ambition, self-starter, self-motivator are all REQUIRED characteristics
-10-15 Hours in-studio per week Wednesday-Saturday
-Participate & Assist at a minimum of four sessions per month
-Drive & Desire to be a part of the Beaux & Arrows Team
-Transparency; humility and grit in all things! We are a TRIBE - we want to support your dreams!
-No complaining. No whining. No half-efforts. No quitting. This “job” to me is about the GIVE. You need to pour out to people and our communities and brands, and possess a heart that carries not only the wonderful, but the difficult as well. We build, we get dirty, we do a lot just because it’s the right thing to do.

What will I gain?
It is imperative to me that you feel empowered, enabled, and motivated throughout our time together. It is with intentions upon an interview with you, that you will be a part of the Beaux team for a LONG time. Our staff, experiences, and inquiries both personally and professionally are growing rapidly!

You will learn in our time together:
-Lighting Techniques
-Technical Adaptations
-Scouting; talent & environment
-Client Management
-Staffing & Delegations
-Event planning
-Lightroom & Photoshop Techniques & Tools
-Retouching Skills
-Creative Empowerment Tools
-Client Management Strategies & Tools

The Beaux & Arrows Culture is comprised of love & passion & gratitude. Work hard and be kind; great things will happen!

For consideration, Please email a letter of intent, and a goal plan to

Goal Plan must contain:
-30 day personal & professional goals
-90 day personal & professional goals
-1-yr personal & professional utopian goals (no obstacle, anything is achievable)
-5-yr personal & professional utopian goals

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