Meet Kasey!


Mother of miracles. My soulmate’s wife. Adventurous at heart. Seeker of authentic love. 

Hi! I’m Kasey! A sucker for love stories of all ages. Old and new. Rekindled or burning wildly. Whatever kind of story you have, I want to hear it. But more than than, I want to capture it for you. Find the passion that drives you wild and keeps you ferociously in love with each other and snap it. Right there. In the moment. Hands intertwined. Bodies tangled. Eyes closed. The “in between” moments when you are looking at each other and no one else exists in the world. Open mouth and squinty-eyed laughs. Those are the moments I long to capture for you, so when you look back at your gallery, you see your love’s true self, and all of those emotions swell back up to the surface and you fall back in love again, ten fold. I want to change the way you think of portrait sessions, and for my boudoir clients, I want to change the way you think of yourself. I want to help you reignite the fire that society, motherhood, age, heartbreak, routine, whatever it is that diminished your flame, I want to shut that out. Let me help set your spirit back on fire. Throw away everything you know about how traditional portrait sessions, and come have some fun with me! I promise to give you an experience and images that you will cherish forever. So join me! Let’s share your story. Together. Because the world is dying to know you.