What To Expect During Your Portrait Session

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I’m so happy

you’re here!

You’ve set the date, it’s marked in your calendar, you’ve might even prepped your Husband or Wife for a session they may not be so excited to partake in.

— Now what? —

First, and above all else… You can expect a casual, yet highly intentional experience.

I crave the parts of you that define who you are; show them! It’s of the utmost importance to me that you feel relaxed, confident, and comforable throughout our session together! I encourage a date beforehand; whether it’s a girlfriend, lover, or with your kiddos, grab something to eat, have a drink, do what you need to do to be calm and relaxed, and then we’ll meet up!

During the session you’ll find I’m an extremely deliberate photographer. What that means is that I’ll be taking a few extra minutes to make sure your hair is laying just right, that your outfits are all looking perfect, and that the light is hitting you in such a way that really magnifies the beauty of our time together! I also show you what I’m photographing, as I’m photographing it, so that our expectations and ideas merge beautifully!

Before your session.

After you’ve paid the reservation retainer and have signed the portrait agreement, we will dive into location details, and accessory details. What I mean by accessory details are things like flowers, outfits, a blanket or quilt, if we’ll be bringing your family dog(s) — which you absolutely should — , and then things like location-necessary details; such as if we were hiking on location.

I LOVE exploring new locations, and of course have a few favorites of all types of scenery. I always encourage a place that holds special meaning to you, interests you, or somehow represents your personality! I want your photos to be authentically YOU.

Most of my questions after the booking have to do with outfit styling, I have put together a little guide which I hope you’ll find most helpful.

You can view it HERE.

My major tips? It’s best to bring along both dressy and more casual outfits so you have a good variety. Layers are your BEST friend. I also recommend wearing textures like lace or cable knits as well as sentimental accessories. I recommend avoiding wearing fluorescents and extreme patterns all over. Blacks & Neutrals will remain timeless and fashionable for years to come, but what’s most important is wearing things that make you feel your BEST!

During your session.

I prefer to shoot a mix of both candid and posed photos. When we meet for your session, I will spend a few moments getting to know you, chit-chatting, trying to make sure your spouse doesn’t hate me for holding a camera, and then meet and get to know your child(ren) and/or dog(s)!

I am not reserved or apprehensive in offering direction, prompts, and guidance in all facets when it comes to your portrait session. I am there to fulfill a luxury service to you and your family, and I will commit to achieving nothing less than the most authentic capture of the love you share. I love individual portraits, and of course in times of you and your spouse together, plan on me provoking inapproriate commentary the two of you can share, as well as extreme, and often heavily emotional togetherness.

After your session.

When the session is over, I, as soon as possible, upload your RAW images into not one, but four back-up systems. It is then when I also begin the culling process where I weed out images for a variety of reasons. Typically, if an image needs to be pulled from being delivered to you, it is due to a focal error on my point. I keep 11 of every 12 images I capture; you will not notice it’s absence, I promise!

A few days after your session, I typically upload one or two sneak peak images onto my various social media platforms. Then I will continue to cull and edit the rest of your photos. During the editing process, I will keep with my normal style of editing - the style that you booked me for. Some things I will never do to your images - selective coloring, heavy vignettes, and extreme photoshopping of bodies {Unless we’re talking Boudoir and its something you’ve requested}, but I 100% of the time will absolutely ALWAYS edit and retouch blemishes. Please note, If you receive an image in B&W, I will not change it to color, however if you receive an image in color and would like to see it as a B&W, I’m more than happy to do so!

After I am finished editing and culling, I will upload your final images into an online gallery. I will send you the link and the download pin number via email or text - however you prefer to communicate! Once I know that you have seen your photos, I will showcase your photo session on Facebook and other social media sites. I love seeing the excitement from family and friends as they get to see your pictures!

You will be able to order high-quality prints, canvases, and gifts, directly from your personal photo gallery. You will find that these prints are slightly more expensive but will last for generations to come, in fact, roughly 250 years of love and archival quality minimum.

Please let me know how else I can best prepare you for your session!
Can’t wait to meet you!!!

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